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Initial Consulting Intake

The Initial Consult Intake meeting is the first step as I learn more about your specific needs. I will start by meeting with you to learn about your business, priorities, and the goals you wish to achieve through our collaboration. Based on our conversation, I will then recommend next steps to get the results you want. The initial consulting intake meeting takes approximately 30 minutes and can be completed remotely.


Specific Consult Request

The Specific Consult Request service offers tailored advice to help you with a range of specific needs. Whether you're looking for guidance on hiring employees, creating an onboarding plan for new hires, training needs for employees or managers, or more, I will provide you with the tailored advice and support you need.

Price is based on the request.


Ongoing HR Support

The Ongoing HR Support service provides the perfect solution if you need HR support but don't have the budget for a full-time resource. With this service, you can receive a monthly set of hours dedicated to providing ongoing HR support. This includes services such as working on sustainable strategic solutions, answering questions and providing guidance, creating and delivering trainings, and more! 

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